What really matters to us at Grace Church? What makes us tick?

We are a reformed evangelical church committed to four core values: The BibleGrace, Community and Mission.
Our MissionMaking disciples of Jesus by sharing God’s message of grace.


We take the Bible seriously, believing it is God’s gracious, trustworthy and authoritative revelation to us about his Son Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us all we need to know about having our relationship with God restored, forgiveness and transformation. If you want to know more about exactly what we believe, check out our Basis of Faith.

Because we take the Bible seriously, the heart of our [email protected] meetings is relevant and robust Bible teaching, working through the whole of the Bible a section at a time, interspersed with occasional topical mini-series. You can listen to some recent examples of our sermons covering Genesis 1 or Genesis 1:31:2-3. All children have Bible teaching each week, with those of reading age usually learning from the same section of the Bible as the adults – we are keen to be “the whole people of God under the whole word of God together.”


Grace means God’s undeserved favour  and sums up everything that God has done for us in creating us, and saving us through the death of Jesus Christ in our place. It is all about how we get right with God, relying on what he does for us, not what we do for him. For example, the Bible says this (in the New Testament book of Ephesians chapter 2):

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works, so that no one can boast.

Grace is counter-cultural; we are used to judging one another on performance and prestige.


Community is what God creates when he graciously gathers people together around His Son. At Grace we want to be a family that intentionally nurtures a genuine sense of community. We seek to be saturated by generosity and grace, service and sacrifice, learning to love one another and share in each others’ highs and lows. Practically this means we put an emphasis on fostering authentic intentional relationships, with members making Grace Groups a priority as well as many of us meeting up regularly with one or two other church members for prayer and encouragement. We do not foster community just for its own sake, though – we are committed to being ‘partners in the gospel’, encouraging one another to share the good news of Jesus…as church members we seek to be “partners not passengers, co-workers not consumers.”


Mission is what God is all about. God is on a mission to restore all that is wrong with the world. This mission centres on Jesus, who God sent into the world to rescue us from the consequences we all face for rejecting and rebelling against God. What Jesus has done for us is incredibly good news, and we have the privilege and responsibility to tell others about it. It is an urgent business in a world often disinterested in considering deep questions. We believe Jesus when he says that eternity is at stake, and that if we want to enjoy the new world he is creating, free from the struggles and suffering of this current world, we must trust in him to rescue us from the judgment we deserve.

So at Grace Church we want to take mission seriously – the business of sharing God’s message of grace – his undeserved kindness to us through Jesus Christ. We partner with others involved in such work around the country and world, including supporting similar new churches, linking closely with the excellent work done by Christians Against Poverty and partnering with work globally. As another simple display of Jesus’ love, we periodically support our local Foodbank. We serve excellent coffee at our @4 meetings sourced by Ethical Addictions, a local coffee company run by Christians.

We invite you to join us and find out more about Jesus, or you could start now by reading a short biography of his life: Mark’s Gospel.

More into images than words? Watch a short video based on a course called Christianity Explored that we run regularly .

And if you want to read more about how we see the world, click here.

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