What is the Gospel Project

This summer we will be using resources from the Gospel Project.

The Gospel Project covers the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and their resources are tailored for every age group.

We pray that it’ll be a great change of gear from our usual material both for the kids and for us as leaders.

These resources are incredibly creative, and offer a buffet of ways to faithful teach the bible in a faithful, engaging and age appropriate way – our hope is that they will serve as a training exercise for leaders and helpers, to encourage us to be more imaginative as we plan our Grace Kids sessions.

What is the plan for the summer?

We will be starting September learning about Solomon (unit 12 of TGP), which picks up from where the Climbers, Explorers and Pathfinders have recently left off in 2 Samuel.

So over the summer holidays as a bit of a recap/catch up on where we are so far, we will use 6 sessions from previous units which cover some key moments in salvation history, 

For the Creche and Scramblers, a lot of the themes & bible stories they have used over the years are also featured in units 1-11 of TGP, so these summer sessions will hopefully be a bit of a reminder for some of them, and an opportunity to gently introduce them to the new format.

How will we use these resources?

There are a large quantity of resources available! Think ‘buffet’  NOT‘ 7 course meal’… 

We suggest that you start with the Leaders Guide for your session, and then pick and choose which activities will work best for you and your group… do not try to use everything!

You can then have a look through the additional resources for your session – you’ll find printables, posters, presentations, overviews, etc! We’ve added little summaries to make it as user-friendly as possible.


Don’t worry! We know this is a bit of a gear shift! If you’ve got questions or any queries do get in touch with Abi.